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Stupidly simple sauce

Do you like food? Do you like to cook? All of the above? You should probably read Smitten Kitchen! It’s a wonderful blog run by one of the most admirable cooks I’ve ever known about. Deb, her husband and her new, precious baby Jacob have introduced me to so many great food ideas. Everything from my favorite brownie and chocolate chip cookie recipes to curried lentils and a tomato-corn pie I still need to try. (Yep, tomato pie. With mayo and a biscuit crust. There is no way that is not heavenly.)

So, I trust her immensely when it comes to food. Know this when you see where I’m going with my dinner plans tonight. Here’s what I’m attempting: Tomato sauce with onion and butter. And…that’s it! Really. Check it out. Now I’m going to try this recipe, which she swears by. Please look at her results, and her lovely pictures, then check out my results! (Try to forgive my photos in comparison to hers. Photography has never actually been my strong suit, despite my love of all things that involve capturing the impact of light chemically or digitally and reproducing it for later viewing)

((Also, please keep all comments about how the fact that I am making the simplest recipe in the world for my first food-blogging outing to yourself. Tina might hear you and you’ll crush her perception of the world. She has such a high opinion of me, you see.

See? Totally crushed. Shame on you.))

The results!



It was very good, even with my inability to NOT tweak a recipe. Yes, embarrassingly, I thought I needed to add to it. I put in basil, extra salt and a sprinkle of sugar. I probably should have left it all out. In addition, too much pasta, not enough sauce! Such a tragedy. I also left in the onions, because I wanted to eat them, so there. In retrospect, they might have made the sauce too…flavorful? Something. It ruined the delicate balance. Next time I’ll take them out and eat them on the side, I think.

I’m not the only one who is embarrassed…

“You shamed us all, even the little weird bug-eyed dog.”

So, yes, definitely try this, and definitely ignore my stupid mistakes. Finally the source of “stupidly” in the title is revealed. Hooray!


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