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Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles

No better way to start this blog off than with something that made me happy enough that I finally decided to get this little project off the ground. After hearing about how Octopuses (octopi?) gather up nice things along the bottom of the sea and put them all together in an “Octopus’s Garden,” Ringo was inspired to write this incredibly sweet and simple song. Read more about it at The Beatles Bible and Wikipedia.

I move too fast I think, sometimes, and I don’t enjoy just how lucky I am. I have wonderful people in my life, the best dog in the world, and a future ahead of me that is extremely exciting. No reason to get bogged down in sea-bottom gunk, just watch out for the bright, nice stuff and you’ll get by. That’s my belief, at least for now.

And without further ado….¬†Octopus’s¬†Garden!


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