My goodness, look at the time!

I started this blog and never went anywhere with it, but I don’t think that’s an acceptable answer at all.

Mostly it feels almost irresponsible to continue blogging with anything close to the same theme as before. How can I be so frivolous or oblivious? Food posts and photos of my (totally adorable) dog and talking about all the stuff I watch on TV?

So instead of tossing the idea out on its ear, I’m just going to refocus. Things that matter and things I like. I’ll talk about them all. I’ll also be making it up as I go, so bear with me!

To sum up:

I love TV and movies and anime and books and music. I love entertainment and fiction and spending far too long analyzing all of it. This includes being something of a social justice advocate. I will highlight all of the things that I love on the internet too. My intention is to be a curator.

This is all pretty exciting! We’ll see if it lasts.


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